My name is Brian McFadden. Right now, I live in Toyohashi, Japan with my wife charlie and son fenix.

On Lifting & Life: Workout 4

On Lifting & Life: Workout 4


Workout 4

It was a significant training session today. The holy trinity - mind, body, spirit- was poppin'. This was by design. First it was the careful project of training the legs. On leg day, you must remember that you cannot attack the lower body straight on - you must approach this session from the side as you would in an attempt to catch a mountain lion. After the quads, hamstrings and glutes were stimulated, we smoothed out the aggression with wind sprints. This is the closest thing to flying I've ever felt. Lastly, we did some work on the mind. An ice bath contrasted with the jacuzzi. My sister Sarah, and my friend Gregor made up the group today. It was a good day. 


10 minute assault bike

20 Single-Arm Kettlebell Swings (each arm)

Hamstring Curls

15,12,10,8 Drop 10

Romanian Deadlifts


Leg Extensions


Front Squats


Dumbbell Squats


40 Yard Wind Sprints (all out)


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