“Working with Brian I gained 11 pounds of solid muscle on The SS5 Lean Bulking Program. My squat went up 20 pounds and I set a new 3 rep PR on the bench press. I’m pulling weight off the floor that I thought would never be possible. Even better is that I put on some serious size and strength all without getting soft and round.”
— Corey M.

Happy Clients


Brian's coaching takes his personal experience, education, research and years of coaching and funnels it into not just a quick and fast approach to loosing fat (thank goodness) but into something much bigger that delivers wellness on a next level. His thought and care is apparent through his carefully crafted approach to coaching. His attention to detail is real when your problem becomes his challenge to help you achieve your best outcome. 

— Natalie Knopp

I've know Brian for nearly a decade spanning his journey from a collegiate athlete, to Crossfit box owner, writer, and fitness professional. Brian genuinely is concerned with other's well being, and he's helped me get in the best shape of my life. I recommend him to anyone desiring increase their overall well-being through fitness.

— Garid Beeler 

After getting in the best shape of my life working with Brian, I'm still using the methods and strategies Brian he taught me 4 years later.

— Shane Crosby

I also want to thank you, which really doesn't even begin to cover my gratitude for what you have given me.  Dropping the this last extra weight and changing my body composition has been so rewarding not only in appearance, how clothes fit, but in performance as well.  My endurance has increased, burpees are so much easier.  am kind of blown away at what I have accomplished in a year and a half, you and your coaching have played a big roll in that, thank you.

— Carolyn Soumokil