My name is Brian McFadden. Right now, I live in Toyohashi, Japan with my wife charlie and son fenix.

On Lifting & Life: Workout 6

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My son, Fenix Flynn, was born last Friday and this was my first workout in five days. The weights had no chance on my return. I'll be forever be amazed by my wife. I wrote about her: 


They kept saying we were closer. But with each push, you drifted deeper into layers of life that I'll never explore. When fatigue began to set in, your eyes would roll back, your lips would swell from effort and you would start to fade away. The only thing I could do was wipe the wet hair from your forehead and whisper into your ear, "Hang on baby. We need you."

Workout 6

Dumbbell Row

3x10 (each)

Lat Pulldown


Rack Deadlifts


Rear Delt Flye (machine)


20 Minute sauna to clear the mind 


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