My name is Brian McFadden. Right now, I live in Toyohashi, Japan with my wife charlie and son fenix.

On Lifting & Life: Workout 9

It was 103 degrees in the garage, but consistency is more important than comfort. Of course I decided to lift because I'd waited all day to do it. The back is the first thing people look at when you walk away so I figure it's a subtle power move to build a back that is rememberable. It doesn't require complexity. Only consistency and a stubbornness to hammer the basics. Rows, chins and pulls are good enough. 


Workout 9

Linebacker Rows 3x10 (each)

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down 12,10,8 (3110 tempo)

Seated Close Grip Row 2x15

Dumbbell Shrugs 2x15 

Chained Deadlifts 2x20

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