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Training Tip: The Upper Body Kettlebell Complex



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Training economy is important when you’re tight on time. Meaning, you want to get the most out of every lift that you perform during a workout. High return lifts will always be the compound movements that recruit the most muscle per rep — pulls, pushes and presses. 

That’s why this upper body kettlebell complex is a solid choice. 

It’ll also offer your shoulders and elbows a break from the barbell. If you’ve developed cranky shoulders and sore elbows from bench pressing, taking a break from the barbell and including this complex will give those achy joints a rest without letting up on your upper body development. 


Coaching Tips

  • Perform your push ups with your elbows tucked. This will bring your triceps into play and keep the shoulders in a strong position.
  • On the row, pull the bell into your hip and drive your elbow back towards the ceiling. You’ll start with an overhand grip, but at the top of the pull turn your hand in (externally rotate the shoulder) in order to activate the lat better. 
  • The push press is executed with three cues: Dip, drive and press. Be sure to drive the bell straight up (don’t let it get away from you). To do this, think of shoving your shoulder into your ear as you press the bell overhead. 


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