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Nutrition Tip: White Chocolate Superfood Cereal

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I remember the days when my older brother and I used to enjoy our evening over a bowl of kiddie breakfast cereal. We were nighttime cereal fans. For whatever reason, eating cereal at night was far more satisfying than having it in the morning. 

Years later when I discovered that your typical kiddie breakfast cereal is nothing more than candy in a box, I decided to drop the habit. 

“Adult” cereals aren’t much better either. Most of the stuff you find on the shelves is nutritionally bankrupt and nothing more than a Klondike bar branded as a health food. 

But I’ve found an alternative that works for me — and if you’re a nighttime cereal fan as well, I think you’ll find this helpful too. 

This snack is a gluten-free, non-gmo nighttime cereal blend that packs the pleasure without the guilt:

It’s my go-to nighttime cereal snack and here are a few reasons why:



  • Cinnamon is improves insulin sensitivity. Meaning, it will help shuttle nutrients into muscle cells rather than being stored as fat — this is a good thing and it’s how the hormone is supposed to work. 


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